Kasco offers several sizes and models of Low Voltage Lighting Packages for use with all Aerating Fountain models. A Low Voltage Lighting Package added to any Aerating Fountain model will greatly enhance the aesthetics of your pond or lake and extend the enjoyment of your Kasco Aerating Fountain into the evening and nighttime hours.

Large Fountain LED Lighting Package

Kasco’s new LED lighting sets are ideal for any 1/2 to 7.5HP fountains. Reduced maintenance, no bulb changes, easy field replacement of fixtures, long lasting service, and a reduced price makes these lights a hit for any fountain. Available in 3 or 6 fixture sets, these will work on any Kasco fountains above 1/4HP in size.

Halogen Lighting Package

Kasco also offers Low Voltage Bronze Lights for use with the 2400VFX, 3400VFX, 3400HVFX, 3400JF, 3400HJF, 4400VFX, 4400HVFX, 8400VFX, 2.3VFX, 8400JF, 2.3JF, 3.1JF, 3.3JF, 5.1VFX, 5.3VFX, 5.1JF, 5.3JF, and 7.3JF Aerating Fountain Models. The Bronze Light Packages are available in two or three light kits. Each fixture is solid bronze with a clear lens, multiple seals, thermal overload protection, and clear 75W MR-16 Halogen bulbs.

You can also add two LR-375 Lighting Packages to any 2, 3, 5, and/or 7.5HP unit with additional brackets to create a brighter and more dramatic nighttime display.

Kasco also offers colored bulbs for dramatic effects. Each fixture has a 6′ underwater rated cord that joins at a junction box with one main power cord returning to shore in 50′, 100′, 150′, 200′, 250′, 300′, or 400′ cord length options. The Bronze Light Packages are of the highest quality and will illuminate your fountain patterns for breath taking nighttime displays.


“Just the thought of a cool colorful fountain in our pond is exciting! I thought it’d be a hugely complicated ordeal and bad for the pond life. You de-mystified the concept for me and I realized its really do-able!” – Marilynn, MD


“The difference, in my opinion, between a great company and all the rest is exactly what you demonstrate; flexibility, a good sense of fairness, and generosity. These are among Kasco Marine’s great qualities and are nicely reflected through the decisions you and others in the company make.” – John, TN


“I have been selling fountains for about 20 years and sold them all. Kasco, without a question, are the finest available.” - Matt, NY


“Before my purchase I had tons of questions. I always had a positive experience each time I contacted Kasco Marine. The representatives that I spoke with went above and beyond to assist me. They were knowledgeable, informative, and very helpful. In my opinion, Kasco Marine has top notch customer service.”  – Butch

“I am writing to thank you for the great customer service I recently experienced when I contacted Kasco with an inquiry related to the operation of my fountain.  It was very refreshing to speak with someone so knowledgeable with all the facets of your product.  We love our fountain and we are confident that we will have it for many years to come.” – Jeff, MA.


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